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imaginary spaces — virtual vision

Tuesday, 15 February 20:00

In the Aboriginal tradition "Dreamtime" is the ancient time of the myths. However, in Western concepts, the waking dreams in cities rather manifest a possible future, something that has the potential to become manifest from its yet virtual possibilities. According to Walter Benjamin, the day-dreaming of popular myths discloses potentials of future changes; and following those principles, the Situationists propagated dérive, the aimless strolling in the city as a cure against the false desires of the society of spectacle.

The artists in this Urban Research program use vernacular, mundane urban settings and landscapes for their dreaming and imaginative shifts from the ordinary and expected. They must be read as much more than just a happy visual game. Daydreaming and virtual lingering may be part of how we connect with places.


Anders Weberg, Robert Willim SE
Elsewhereness: Cape Town 2min 7s 2009

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Marina Chernikova NL
platform N1 / Tokyo Wave 2min 30s 2009

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Out of the Sky — Back into the Sky 9min 4s 2010

film still
Henry Gwiazda US
something/the/you 4min 58s 2009

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Morehshin Allahyari IR
Over There Is Over Here 5min 43s 2010

film still
Sarah Breen Lovett AU
Expanded Architecture 04: Window Wound 1min 20sec 2010

film still
Susanne Wiegner DE
just midnight 3min 37s 2010

film still
Valentina Ferrandes IT
The Oyster Effect 11min 52s 2010

film still
Anders Weberg, Robert Willim SE
Elsewhereness: Utrecht 4min 7s 2010

film still
Vera Frenkel CN
Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive 15min 26s 2008

film still
Tina Willgren SE
The Polymoids 2min 51s 2010

film still
Julie Meyer FR
Eclipse 1min 20s 2009

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Andrew de Freitas NZ/ CN
L'Espace Quotidien 10min 46s 2010

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André Chi Sing Yueng DE
The work 3min 35s 2010

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