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interventions — the spaces of politics

Wednesday, 16 February 19:00

According to Henri Lefébvre, the production of space is not happening without its use, its occupation, or responsibility for place. Since the 60's or maybe earlier with the Internationa Situationists, artists have tried to play a more active role in society ­ outside of the art world. Documentary projects, happenings and performances have since become a part of many artists' active life, and in one way or the other, they have had an influence on ideas, political practice or movements.

With the new social media, they may reach an even larger audience, or on the other hand, artists have to deal with the new rising powers and to compete with other groups striving for media dominance: How do you deal with bombings (in your own country)?


Pilar Ortiz CL
Circunvalación 33min 2010

film still
film still
Andrew Norman Wilson US
Workers Leaving the Googleplex 11min 59s 2010

film still
Jacob Kirchheim, Teresa Delgado DE
Terrorsounds 6min 2010

film still
Masha Godovannaya RU
40 10min 40s 2010

film still
Tom Skipp ES
Antioch - Florent on the Bridge 9min 26s 2010

film still
film still
Yaron Lapid IL/UK
Casual Mechanism 2m 30s 2010

film still
Shalalae Jamil PK
Watching Wheels 5min 30s 2010-2011

film still

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