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program II:
the future is now, the city imagination

Wednesday, 15 February 18:00

The city we live in consists of much more than what we directly experience, and the program dealing with this idea "naturally" turns out to be divers and colourful. The things we see, the social environment we live in and experience is only one part of our "life in the city". The other part consists of news, media, stories, gossip, and an increasing number of images, shared and received on public and private channels. Thus, life in the city (let's call it a specific city: Berlin, Hamburg, London, L.A., or Singapor, you name it) does not turn into a storyline, I don't live "the story of my life", but it turns into a multifaceted image. As a consequence, we might say, city life in large parts is made of private and public, shared and unshared imaginations.

The program starts with dark scenes from imagined city life, the animation of "Silent Circles"; followed by the silent, forgotten or hidden stories of "Here" and "Depth of Whisper"; then the tracing of local stories in the city on one side real in "I never told you what I do for a living", or otherwise poetic in "Filmpoem 15, Slow Wave through the City"; the reuse of common narratives of pop culture in "Go West", "Myths of Everyday" and "Transit"; and even apocalyptic visions based on real disasters like Chernobyl / Pripyat and Fukushima shape the vision we have of the city we live in, and of other cities. The reactions might differ, we may feel the need to find places to cry in silence ("Crying in our cars"), or we may feel the urge to visit the places of nuclear disaster (Fantasma Pripyat), however, both are realities of real lives born in imaginations.

And, what about the fish travelling the city in a glass bowl?


Beate Hecher AT
Silent Circles 3 min 00 sec 2007

Silent Circles is an animation that shows six characters in their daily urban environment. They seem to have no direct connection, maybe even no connection to their surrounding, but all of them seem to be held in a state of strange repetitive body movements
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Marjorie Hernandez Tejada VE
Here 5 min 48 sec 2011
World Premiere

The piece consist in a 16mm film footage shot in Buffalo, NY. seeking to portrait of what now is a forgotten city, after been one of the richest one in the country. As consequence, an urban space full of contrast, a city full with some great architecture pieces of the 20th. century. A space of juxtaposition. All of the cuts and effects were made by in-camera editing.
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Curtis Burz DE
I never told you what I do for a living 12 min 11 sec 2010

Curtis Burz is a collector of stories of people who seem to perfectly fit into the urban environment, who seem to be "naturally" part of it. However, those stories tell the opposite: people who live on the edge of mere survival. In order to protect the privacy of the people interviewed, the artist reenacts the stories with actors and friends, thus stepping over the line to fiction.
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Hirakawa Youki JP
Depth of Whisper 4 min 00 sec 2011 European Premiere

A fragmentary narrative that drifts in the air of urban, which the land loses its distinctive "sense of place". Losing its specific time and space, thus, missing the central axis, the fragmentary story only can exist floating as slight signs of something. The narratives are hanging in the midair of cities.
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Alastair Cook UK
Filmpoem 15 02 min 07 sec 2011

Slow Wave Through The City is a poem by Jacq Kelly, published by Colin Herd this year. It crossed my path digitally and I watched the film in my head as I read, my adopted city of Edinburgh speeding by.
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Petra Lottje DE
Go West 1 min 14 sec 2007-2011

"I meant the answer was here, that's why I came back. " Petra Lottje re-enacts scenes from sentences she finds in Mainstream movies. They seem to fit in weird, indirect ways, creating a friction between fiction and real life.
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Henry Gwiazda US
infectious 2 min 03 sec 2009

I am attempting to create a new kind of sensitivity or perception that encourages one to transfer attention from one aesthetic response (visual, aural, tactile) to another in order to experience a new kind of trans-medial perception.
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Henry Gwiazda US
thankfully......finally 3 min 10 sec 2009

Henry Gwiazda explores the notion of public space by means of digital media. His video settings are entirely created in the virtual realm of 3-D graphics.
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Isabelle Martin BE
Tu as loué une voiture pour pleurer
(Crying in our cars) 15 min 00 sec 2010

It is essential to know where to cry. "Sometimes you cry in other people's homes. You phone up and you say: I don't want them to hear me, I don't want them to see me, could you give me the keys to your place?"
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Ayman Nahle LB
Myths of Everyday, Page 5 2 min 15 sec 2011

Arabic and English voices, a townscape by night, the beginning or the end of a story? Or of some travel to the unknown?
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Ayman Nahle LB
Myths of Everyday, Page 8 2 min 02 sec 2011

As part of the Myths of Everyday, page 5 combines camera and found footage on a horizontal split screen, talking about imagined or possible cataclysmic changes.
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Klaus W. Eisenlohr DE
Phantasma Pripyat 13 min 23 sec 2011

Pripyat, the abandoned city in the neighborhood of Chernobyl, has triggered the fantasy of “urban explorers" seeking for abandoned places, the developers and players of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and many others. The goals of keeping the town up as a memorial for the hybris of atomic industry, and the desires of the thrill seeking tourists mix in weird ways. Since 2012, Pripyat is an official tourist destination.
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Monika Rechsteiner CH
to be continued 11 min 00 sec 2011

An animated camera travels through the streets of Tokyo void of people. A newsline speaks of the latest news from the nuclear breakdown in Fukushima. The camera images were taken during the time of the incident, Monika Rechsteiner happened to be in Tokyo when the earthquake and tsunami hit the Japanese coast and destroyed the Fukushima reactors.
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Jaime Rguez ES
Transit 3 min 43 sec 2011

This videoArt is a part of TRANSIT project ©2011 "sound-videoArt", an other form of videoArt. Sound composed by Mind Revolution. Visuals edited by Jaime Rguez.
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Suman & Sourav [TAXI] IN
Swimming Around 2 min 35 sec 2009

"Swimming Around explores the ultimate claustrophobia and monotony in the glittering metropolis that apparently promises a plethora of diverse choices". With a fish bowl placed in different locations of the city, we don't know, if the fish have been taken on a trip around the city for their enjoyment, or if they are being used only as metaphors for how the filmmakers perceive the city.
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