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Saturday, 18 February 18:45

In recent years, art has become increasingly political, again. The societies around the globe and even in Europe and the United States seem to wake up from the rigidity of the paralysing West-East conflict, and its aftermath, when there seemed to be no alternative to economic liberalism. Some artists take amazing risks to do public actions, others try to subvert written or unwritten laws in more subtle ways, however, in many ways, the society has become the material again for artists to experiment with. Furthermore, the cheeky and anarchist stance many artists have developed may have an influence on how the freedom to speech, which seems to be in jeopardy again, will be interpreted and used in the future.

The Center for Political Beauty published a video of a broker who accused herself to have blood on her hands by trading with food and vital goods. The video was spreading like an exploding bombshell, and made it to mainstream online news. Eduardo Srur and Vladimir Turner undertake provocative actions in the public sphere, which are so pointed and funny, they seem to be permissible. Daniel Künzler, Thomas Lüer and Brandstifter undertake more silent but still subversive art researches and interventions; Diane Nerwen documents an official rooftop vegetable garden in the heart of the city, unthinkable just a few years ago; and Matt Grau documents the public actions of a group that tries to put their environment under laugh therapy, successfully as it seems.


Cesy Leonard DE
Schuld. Die Barbarei Europas 16 min 00 sec 2011

"A documentary that looks into the inner life of a highly talented fund manager of the largest Exchange Traded Funds on food and in the flesh of our civilization." The video itself has become an intervention into the public realm in Germany, published on youtube and some other networks, it hit the public and was republished by the largest news media in Germany.
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Eduardo Srur BR
Bandit Bull 3 min 22 sec 2010

Sculptures of bulls appropriate cows during the Cow Parade event in av. Paulista and av. Faria Lima in Sao Paulo. The Touro Bandido is rescuing the Brazilian imagination, an animal that has never been tamed and has become a national legend. For the artist, “both the cow and the bull were sterile but the insemination created art in it."
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Russell J. Chartier US
Confined 3 min 34 sec

This piece explores the sense of confinement that many people feel living in large cities despite the many people around them. The piece, created using manipulated footage shot throughout NYC, consists of textures comprised of feedback loops uplinked to satellites then downlinked back to Earth. These "feedback loops" were manipulated with various pieces of broadcast equipment through the looping process and were then further manipulated in the post production process.
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Daniel Künzler AT
Inside Pockets Of The City 13 min 17 sec 2011
World Premiere

Abandoned properties, hiding places, left behind and forgotten buildings ­ all of these places I consider as the “inside pockets" of a city. Untapped places, which I need to explore and to resource with my own ideas, to free myself of cultural codes and stereotypes. Unknown places which have become even more alien to us as a result of endless restructuring and planning.
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Thomas Lüer DE
Revier 3 min 17 sec 2009 sec

A lone watchdog patrols the empty halls of the former Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig. A monitoring camera is mounted on his back. Drilled to perform his inspection round, the dog incessantly repeats his course unassisted and without deviation. The rooms are completely abandoned, voided; even the doors are missing. The dog dutifully works his way from one level to the next.
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Diane Nerwen US
Up On The Farm 16 min 2011

A meditation on urban green spaces and the post-industrial cityscape, Up On The Farm explores a one-acre rooftop organic farm in New York City. Connecting the built and natural environments, this video documents an imaginative experiment in green urban redevelopment, and takes a look at an attempt to transform the roof of a century-old former factory into a sustainable, pastoral haven.
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Vladimir Turner CZ
Dum Z Karet / House of Cards 2 min 36 sec 2011
German Premiere

Two pyramides made of stolen political ads. I took all the propaganda around this particular park, in the centre of Prague. I cleaned out this area from political propaganda, which used guerilla advertising methods. One of the objects fell down by wind, the other was teared down by city cleaners.
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Sheldon Brown US
The Scalable City 4 min 04 sec 2007

The Scalable City creates an urban/suburban/rural environment via a data visualization pipeline. Each step in this pipeline builds upon the previous, amplifying exaggerations, artifacts and the patterns of algorithmic process. The results of this are experiences such as prints, video installations and interactive multi-user games and virtual environments.
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Matt Grau DE
Lachen in der U-Bahn 2 min 59 sec 2011

A grey evening in november - and the Metro is laughing! Initiative "Hauptstadt lacht"
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Eduardo Srur BR
Attack 3 min 34 sec 2004

Atentado (Attack) is a response to the capacity of art to intervene in the public space. Atentado was Srur's first video and the author's first collaboration, in which they use paint bomb interventions on advertisement billboards on the streets of Sao Paulo.
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Brandstifter DE
Ein kleines Stück Papier 10 min 2008

"Ein kleines Stück Papier" is a documentation about the conceptual project Asphaltbibliotheque, an archive with LOST&FOUND sheets of paper collected by the interdisciplinary artist Brandstifter (Firestarter). It contains Super8 and Video footage from Brandstifter's participative happenings with the audience at exhibiton openings, performance, interventions in public space with passerby and a lecture in a creek at a park festival from 1998 until 2006
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Brandstifter DE
Installation in the screening theatre
Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011
Opening with special guests: Frank Behnke, Klaus Beyer, Brandstifter, Tanja Roolfs, Carsten Wagner (Ein kleines Stück Papier)

Installation with lost and found sheets of paper

The installation "Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011" at Directors Lounge guides the screening of Brandstifter's documentation of his long term concept "Ein kleines Stück Papier" for Urban Art Research, displaying the gathered remains from Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Mitte and Neukölln from the "lost&found art research tour Hannover-Berlin" Easter 2011 as a brief sample of his huge collection that he archives from public space since 1998.

For interdisciplinary artist Brandstifter (Firestarter) living and working are in close symbiosis and something as simple as walking to the bakery and picking up someone else's shopping list on the sidewalk can generate into a conceptual piece of art. Asphaltbibliotheque is not only the name for his collection of found sheets of paper; it also includes - pursuant to § 1 of the library's "Rules and Conditions for Use" - all public streets and squares where the specimens are sought after and found. When the self called "asphalt librarian" consciously picks up, appropriates, archives and exhibits items like scraps of paper, torn fotos, infamous letters, harsh scetches or childrens drawings it is not only an act of artistic creation, but also a public performance that can serve as a point of departure for spontaneous communication both with curious passersby or visitors at an exhibition.

The Poetry of Papers "The Asphaltbibliotheque shows how poetic and many-layered artistic reordering can make an idea that is simple in itself. Brandstifter understands how to charge the profane with the poetic, and in so doing to provide playfully anarchic inspiration to conceive the everyday world as a freely formable work of art." (Martin Büsser, art critic, author, publisher, Testcard/Ventil Verlag)

Asphaltbibiotheque New York

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