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Andrea Acosta Fonrodona CO
The Crossing 5 min 30 sec 2010

A portable space (a zebra crossing), that can be carried and taken everywhere, will be unrolled to cross a busy street and to conceptually interrupt the normal flow of traffic, and challenge how the space is meant to be used.
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Mary Billyou US
Available Properties 10 min 2011

"A real estate film from the East Riviera." - Mary Billyou, 16mm transferred to video, 2011.
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Stefano Boring, Barbara Sad IT
Waves 7 min 27 sec 2011

Waves is a work that looks at childhood. It starts from the moment when we first start to trace our own name and pass through the places of our childhood. Writing one's own name is a way to verify one's own existence, defining one's own identity and, at the same time, it is a tag that allows for recognition. Waves is the story of a case in which that acknowledgment does not occur and the statement "I exist" is without response.
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Aaron Bowles US
Day In Day Out 1 min 03 sec 2009

"Day In Day Out" uses the Manhattan skyline as the archetype for constant urban change. Buildings included in the original painting along with additional renderings of skyscrapers were blue screened photographed and then added to the original depiction where they were mechanized through digital means. After reaching this apex, the video reverses direction erasing all progress and by having the video on a continuous loop it echoes the ebb and flow of the economic cycle.
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Nicolas Brynolfson US
LA River Ride 18 min 2011

A trip down the Los Angeles river bike path becomes a psychedelic vortex of land, sky and water.
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Eva Kolcze CA
775 King St. West 4 min 47 sec 2010

In 775 KING ST. WEST I walk the perimeter of the former building's foundation while audio which evokes the building's history and physical characteristics fades in and out with each rotation. The site was home to many businesses over its 110 year history, including factories, offices and for the past 30 years Paul Wolf Electric and Lighting Supply.
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Thomas Ler DE
Revier 8 min 2009

A lone watchdog patrols the empty halls of the former Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig. A monitoring camera is mounted on his back. Drilled to perform his inspection round, the dog incessantly repeats his course unassisted and without deviation. The rooms are completely abandoned, voided; even the doors are missing. The dog dutifully works his way from one level to the next.
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Erika Matsunami JP/DE
still/silent 10 min 27 sec 2008

The audiovisual performance and installation space, includes video and sound focusing on different tempos, rhythms and urban landscapes. Through forms, movements, colors and different abstract resources such as images and sound, "still / silent" is transformed into a cognitive experiment in the sense of space and time. The visual, musical and melodic forms result in a kind of snapshot that causes new arrangements in associative ways. The result: "still / silent" creates a visual poetry of a free associative field.
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Sebastian Melo CL/DE
Superliminal 10min 45 sec 2011

Superliminal experiments with the possibility of representing time through stillness. We dive into an underground journey accumulating traces, gestures and identities, the memory of which still palpitates in awareness.
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Julie Meyer FR
Ecrans 5 min 52sec 2010

L'ecran, the screen has become our window to the world. Julie Meyer films windows in public places, which often seem to be rather opaque, not windows to the world, but views into non-places of transit, shown on a screen in return.
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Vladimir Turner CZ
UFF 14 min 05 sec

UFF is an audiovisual installation which documents the action of 18 artistic interventions in the public places in Prague on 19.5. 2009. UFF is designed to be a simulation of a dialog between the city and its inhabitans. Are we passive or active inhabitans? Do we have a chance to regulate the rules of the "game" within the system? UFF is a kind of engaged geocaching with elements of street-art.
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Juha Van Ingen FI
Top-down 4 min 30 sec 2011

13 pictures of a big city.
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Keren Zaltz IL
Air pocket 2 min 25 2010 sec

"These images were taken from an Internet web movie. The original movie featured the top-ten scary airplane landings. By taking only few seconds out of the original video, and editing them, I neutralized the excitement and focused in the repeatedly movement of the airplane inside the limited time frame the new editing created. The viewer's look is being captured inside the loop and it becomes a meditative state of mind. The eye is getting used to the movement and expects her return."
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Anna Anders DE
Im Nebel / In the Fog 17 min 28 2011

Anna Anders's video works deal with the topic of the non-visual and illusion: in this video fog is obscuring a city. Actions from the past are transferred into the present. The ephemeral video projection overlaps substantial with real material and becomes almost tangible.
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Jonas Englert DE
Stigma 30 min 2011

The term "stigma" is based on the definition, that was brought to sociology by Erving Goffmann. The stigma as the gap between own and attributed identity. 18 faces in an identical distance from the fixed camera. Shadily illuminated in black/white and recorded in 16:9 landscape format 2K (2048 ? 1152 pixels) with 100 frames per second for 01:12 minutes realtime as a plan sequence. Slowed to four images per second (30 minutes) and projected large scale this results in a projection format between film and painting, photography and moving image.
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