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urban research
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mixed videos playing on different days of The Berlin International Directors Lounge Festival

Alice Bradshaw UK
Rubbish1:18min 2011

A montage of images from the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish.

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Barbara Hindahl DE
Lumen3 10:00min 2011

Light, light flashes and images create a virtual space, fluktuating between perceptive and symbolic manifestation.

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Markus Jeschaunig AT
Line-Flight Graz-Maribor 120:12min 2012

A 56-kilometer long line-flight directly from Graz to Maribor generates a continuously filmed portrait of the living landscape along a straight line between the two closest Cultural Capitals of Europe (seen from a 200 meter height, perpendicular to the ground, point of view).

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Rouzbeh Rashidi IE
Homo Sapiens Project (48) 5:00min 2011

Homo Sapiens Project is an ongoing series of personal video works by Rouzbeh Rashidi initiated in August 2011 for both online and screen context.

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Nadav Assor US/IL
Strip / Lakeshore East 88:00min 2012

Strip is an ongoing project which utilizes a bicycle mounted video camera and custom software to generate organic, street level, panoramic video installations, a type of personal video map of specific locations and routes in across various sites, in which the architecture and landscape expand and contract according to the rider's motions.

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Dan Boord / Luis Valdovino US
Themes 28:24min 2004

This post Cold War story proposes that history did not end with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, but has been reinvented in a children's theatrical production of Doña Faustina somewhere in Yucatan, Mexico. Within Themes the past, present and the future converge. Route 66 melts away into dioramas within an Oklahoma museum and the Venice of Dante becomes a hotel in Las Vegas. Not the symbol and not that for which it stands - the "theme" is the building block of the world viewed. This is a new century and Themes is here to nostalgically observe that they do not make the future the way that they used to.

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Daniel Kötter DE
state-theatre #4 DETROIT 0:53:44min 2012

Detroit, once America's center for auto-industry and theater, was shrinking to a third of its population. What used to be the space for theatrical presentation, nowadays presents the urban crisis. The city became a theater itself. The film stages the performative discourse of six locations, six neighborhoods, and six Detroiters: „...we’re sort of talking about Detroit in a way that it itself is a theater, that it itself is the object to behold.“

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Invisible Playground DE
Ruhrzilla - Stadtspiel in Realversion 21:47min 2012

The fiction of Monsters occupying the abandoned pedestrian area - the former heart of Mülheim - was used to give a new twist to the discussion about changes in the democratic construction of public space. You can also see the whole game as the collaborative production of a monster movie in which the city of Mülheim reimagines itself. "A rising number of monsters have been sighted in the small town of Mülheim...."

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Mark Street US
Hasta Nunca 1:03min 2008

Hasta Nunca follows Mario Ligetti, a middle-aged DJ in Montevideo, Uruguay whose call-in radio show exposes the city's "Secrets and Stories". As Mario's life becomes more entangled with that of his callers and listeners, his public and private personas are blurred and the intimate nuances of a city and its residents are revealed.

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Sasha Waters Freyer US
An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925 9:30min 2012

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925 is a lyrical essay film that captures the spirit of excess and adventure embodied by The Great Gatsby (published in 1925) in fragments from home movies of a wealthy American family on a Grand Tour of Europe and North Africa - illuminating truth as historically fleeting a la Walter Benjamin's dialectical image.

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Mayye Zayed (2)EG
Iskenderia 8:00min 2012

A montage of scenes from famous Egyptian fiction films, reflecting contemporary changes in Egypt.

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Rose Butler UK
Platform 6:20min 2012

Filmed at Blackfriars Station, Platform sychronises three screens of commuters in the station. A natural tempo occurs as the characters within the footage choreograph themselves creating ebbs and flows and prescribing the timeline. Using tracking and stabilizing software the frame is manipulated to become the main player of the sequence, and the characters within.

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Pablo Mollenhauer CL
Fragments of Home 19:50min 2012

Through five characters who live in London as immigrants, and whose lives have been entangled with the filmmaker in diverse ways, the film an imaginary journey in search for "Home". A journey through the physical and psychological spaces, through the tangible and intangible regions that embody the sensations and experiences of making a "home away from home" within the context of the global city.

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Irene Pacini IT
La Giostra, I giro II giro (The merry go round, I°round II°round) 5:45min 2012

"La Giostra", is an imaginary trip through a dynamic route. A place that, with wonder, while you are traveling without thoughts on the carousel of the life, reveal its direct bond with death. This place is a historical cemetery, and I choose to explore this space where people go with special feelings, and where is a special silent. A place that most of people forget in daily life, but real in every town, just a urban space for the last moment of life.

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Kerem Saltuk CA/TR/DE
Phu and Ping Pong 06:00min 2010

Phu is a retired Vietnamese immigrant living in Montreal, Canada. His biggest passion is playing table tennis.

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