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Oliver Whitehead — films from 1967—2007

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4 (1968-1991)
portrait 1968 ∗silent
cocola 1969 ∗silent
weatherman 1971 ∗silent
personal effects 1991 ∗silent
6 (1993-1999)
melt down 1993
A Yard Full of Books 1993
Visual Violence 1994
off-screen 1997
a dog' chance 1997
mind's eye 1999
11 (1999-2007)
bike 1999
surf 2000
wait 2000
fall 2000
take-off 2000
track 2002 ∗silent
run 2000 ∗silent
grounded 2002
unearth 2004
in color 2005
beachoma 2007

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Oliver Whitehead was born in England 1947. UK. He studied Fine Art at Hornsey College of Art in London 1967-70. It was in this college that Whitehead was able to experience many forms of making art, from drawing to film. He came to Helsinki in 1970 on a British Council Scholarship. During part of this time Whitehead has worked in the Academy of Fine Arts, (Kuvataideakatemia) in Helsinki 1985-97, teaching drawing and painting, where he was asked to direct and build a media department, called the time and space department. He has held exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. He has continually worked as an artist, using and exploring many different modes of expression; drawing, painting, photography (computer imaging), film, video, installation, and sound.

More recently Whitehead has focused his attention on the possibilities of using digital media; still and moving images. This new technology allows him ease of movement through the dynamic content of image manifestation, giving him access to all manner of information that suits his way of working and thinking.

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