Directors Lounge

at Inner Spaces Gallery Poznan

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Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej
ul. Jackowskiego 5/7
60-508 Poznan

Festival Portrait
Directors Lounge is a media, art and film festival in Berlin. It takes place in February during the time of Berlinale. At a time when Berlin is addicted to cinema, Directors Lounge has focused on rare, experimental or simply unknown works, which often don't fit into any category. Video installations and live events go beyond the boundaries of the screen.

Going in its second year, Directors Lounge has started as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, video artists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and video art. Again, Directors Lounge has functioned as a hideaway, a meeting point and also as a starting point for new creative collaborations. This year, Directors Lounge took place in an elegant venue at Karl-Marx-Allee, where the domed towers of Frankfurter Tor form a landmark in the famous former socialist boulevard.

The overwhelming response by both, the public and the artists has encouraged us to continue Directors Lounge this year and in 2007.

Not only is Directors Lounge a media festival but an event created by a team of artist curators, guest curators and international collaborations. Thus, the special themed, curated programs make up a large part of the screenings and installations.
Plus, Directors Lounge Television, located on the website of Directors Lounge - - is broadcasting a large selection of the shown work as high-resolution online streaming. With this feature, Directors Lounge creates new forms of art publications and higher accessibility of work.

The presentation of Directors Lounge's special selection at Gallery Inner Spaces in Poznan will consist of 4 parts, personally presented by 4 artist curators who also give a glimpse of their own work:

First evening: 12.5.2006
André Werner - general program
Daniela Butsch - electronic painting, short and experimental

Second evening: 13.05.2006
Klaus W. Eisenlohr - urban research
Kim Collmer - forming motion

Directors Lounge Year Round
Directors Lounge is not only intended as an annual event, we seek for new collaborations as well. During the year we had and we will have a number of events in assorted places, such as:

Previous and year-round projects
DL video program at Berlin's independent art fair
• Street Lounge
presentation at Magistrale Kulturnacht
• "Directors Lounge on flying visit"
at studio Seinfeld/Sachsenmaier K9
• "Elina Saloranta"
from Helsinki personal show at Z-bar
• "midnight-special" and "timecapsules zeitschleifen"
at 48 hours Neukoeln
• "Zeitreise in die Gegenwart - a timetravel into the present"
Multimedia Jam session at 48 Stunden Neukoeln

Upcoming projects:
• "Figures Of Motion • Kunst in Bewegung"
exhibition and screenings at Schloss Plueschow
• "inbetween • stereotypical readability"
exhibition at Galerie der Künstler, Munich

Directors Lounge:
Daniela Butsch:
Kim Collmer:
Klaus W. Eisenlohr:

Last but not least:
Thanks to Ania Rudolph, our Design Mastress.
Directors Lounge is the brainchild of Designhof e.V., A&O-gallery, and the Kunstfoerderverein Treptow e.V. with outstanding support from fragments, placebo FX, Berliner Licht & Silber, Cinema Desaster and many other friends.
Directors Lounge is not in any ways associated with The Berlin International Film Festival.

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